What does Community Mean?


  • Rafael Bautista S.




ayllu, community, community of relatives, logics of belonging, logics of property, modern society/archaic community, politics of communal responsibility


Referring to a time of a reconfiguration of one’s own horizon, this paper aims to show in methodological terms the limitations of modern politics in understanding indigenous knowledge and theorizations that bring into the language of politics the notion of "living in community" as the mode of existence of a life-world specific to indigenous cultures. This is a world that, constituted around links of solidarity and reciprocity, has the capacity to make of human existence a place of “merit and responsibility” that properly interprets the sense of the ayllu: the community. Understanding the rationality behind this way-of-life which generates the singularity of the ayllu and producing a theorization of the indigenous concept of “community” is the objective of this work.