Violeta Parra and Matilde Casazola: Muchedumbre, Bastardism and Journey to the Seed


  • Magela Baudoin University of Oregon



Poetry, popular song, autobiographical writings, multitude, bastardism


There are writings that are “multitude,” “muchedumbre,” like those of Violeta Parra (Chile, 1917-1967) and Matilde Casazola (Bolivia, 1943). They unify in their autobiographical texts a multitude of previous voices and knowledges. Part of its enormous importance and uniqueness is given precisely by the display of these creations or “inhabited” creatures. Both eccentric artists move between lyricism and popular music, periphery and cosmopolitanism, between the museum and the “peña”, between different genres and in the border areas that characterize “bastardism” (María Galindo). In this work I will show how, practicing bastardism, these writings in multitude propose a new aesthetic form, anticanonical, which is born to be shared, plagiarized, multiplied, re-elaborated.