Bolivia: From the "Process of Change" to Changes in the Process


  • Jenny Ybarnegaray Ortiz Consultora independiente, La Paz



Agenda of October, Constituent Assembly, Law N° 180, Nationalization of Hydrocarbons, New Political Constitution of the State, TIPNIS, VIII Indigenous March in Defense of the TIPNIS


This article offers a detailed analysis of the conflict around the TIPNIS from the point of view of an independent consultant and cultural activist based in Bolivia. In its development, the article historically contextualizes the conflict of the TIPNIS locating it within the social and political process that today lives Bolivia. The author pauses in the analysis of “which substantially reveals the conflict” and in the political challenges that it poses to the government of the MAS, problematizing the “process of change” announced in 2005, during the electoral campaign that lead to Evo Morales to the Presidency of Bolivia.