Thinking About the "Academic Dialogue" North / South


  • Chris Krueger Presidenta de la Sección Bolivia - LASA Red Bolivia Mundo



Co–production of Knowledge, Dialogue North/South, Scholarly/Professional Production in the North, Scholarly/ Professional Production in the South


This work approaches the complex relation between North American institutions dedicated to the production of knowledge on Bolivia and its homologous Bolivians, emphasizing the fact that nowadays in Bolivia not only an immense intellectual wealth totally established exists, but also a field of emergent knowledge whose reflections and challenges deserve a diffusion in the north. To authorize in the north the theoretical potecial of the debates generated in Bolivia would make the knowledge produced on Bolivia a lot more dynamic and responsible. Inversely, I will also discuss the importance to initiate in Bolivia studies that will lead to understand the complexity of the institutions and societies of the north, that are not neither homogenous nor static, less still automatically reproductive of imperialism.