Chinese Missiles: Chronicle of a Disarmament


  • Loreta Tellería Escobar Universidad de la Habana



Bolivian Armed Forces, Chinese missiles, Eduardo Rodríguez Veltzé, Evo Morales, MAS, OAS, United Nations, U.S. Embassy in La Paz


This paper describes in chronicle format the main events around the so-called case of the "Chinese missiles": the surrender to Unite States military personnel of the only missiles that Bolivia has had for its anti-aircraft defense. The event happened months before the December 2005  general election in which Evo Morales won the presidency and after prolonged crisis and political instability (2003-2005). The paper identifies the main evidence and the political and institutional consequences of military subordination to a foreign power, all permeated by aspects such as interference, loss of sovereignty and impunity.

Author Biography

Loreta Tellería Escobar, Universidad de la Habana

Investigadora en temas de Defenda y Seguridad. Politologa y economista. Mágister en Estudios Sociales y Políticos Latinoamericanos