Soft Nation-Building. The Global Weapon Developed by the US in Bolivia


  • Juan Carlos Zambrana M.



declassified reports, destruction of nations, MNR, nation building, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Embassy in La Paz, U.S. intervention in Bolivia


Starting from the idea that “nation building” always begins with the destruction of the original nation, and that the stage of reconstruction does not take place, it is postulated that today this process is limited to the destruction of nations. This destruction is done with military intervention, as in the case of Irak, or without it, as in a large part of the world. Focusing on the pre-1952 Bolivian case, the author of this article offers a chronicle of that undercovered operation conceptualized as “destruction of nations.” He builds his chronicle with declassified documents from the United States Department of State, many of which were originally secret and remained so for a long time.

Author Biography

Juan Carlos Zambrana M.