Real decolonization or false decolonization in Bolivia? Streams of thought


  • Pablo Mamani Ramírez Universidad Publica de El Alto



decolonization, Indianism, internal decolonization, Katarism, MAS government, multiculturalism


This article proposes that to decolonize is to radically dismantle a system of values which fundamentally upholds existing institutions. In Bolivia, this involves a system of domination that is both neocolonial and racist. Although there is an ongoing process of decolonization in society, a real decolonization of the State has been precluded by the MAS government since 2009. Nonetheless, the government clearly proclaims the success of decolonization simply based on the fact that Evo Morales is an indigenous president. To measure the scope of these debates, the article studies other schools of thought regarding decolonization such as Indianism and Katarism, and Xavier Albó’s multiculturalism.