The edges of a mandate: caring in the 21st century

Giovanna Rivero, Magela Baudoin, Fernanda Trías


  • Mónica Velásquez Guzmán Universidad Mayor de San Andrés



Poetics of care, gender mandate, Giovanna Rivero, Magela Baudoin, Fernanda Trías


In the current context, it seems an unavoidable requirement to take care of the planet, of the economies challenged by the post-COVID panorama, of health in systems evidenced as precarious, of ours beloved ones. On the other hand, both from an existential and community perspective, the tasks of caring for the other have always been constant, but, in accordance with generic patriarchal roles, have fallen more on women. In this framework, three writers (Giovanna Rivero, Magela Baudoin and Fernanda Trías) represent in their works the edges of this mandate by evidencing cultural frameworks adverse to its realization.